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Youth Service League

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Whats the wordhard work!

For more than 60 years, The Youth Service League has been providing youth programs for inner city kids ages 4-20.

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Established in 1954, The Youth Service League was created to encourage area youth to participate in wholesome activities that would foster positive development.

The program, which is comprised of an all-volunteer staff, is a New York City wide program that is comprised of several components, all having to do with providing meaningful and positive educational life skills development.


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The success of our program is in large part due to the support we receive from our sponsors. With that, we are continuously seeking new sponsors to help us continue our efforts in providing youth developement programs for inner city kids.


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Check back soon for our 2015 upcoming events!



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Partnering for the future of our program!

Youth Service League has and will continue to partner with organizations that share our mission and values.

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Hello to everyone out there in YSL land....As a single parent, this was the best youth program I could have had my son a part of. The challenges were stupendous, staff involvement with him was excellent, as well as keeping a "heads up" with the family. We all had such wonderful times. Thanks to all your hard work and keeping on top of things.

Marie Aponte-Rodriguez, mother of Frank Rodriguez, graduated 1991